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Welcome to my Home Page. On it you will find the usual tidbits such as information about me, my interests, my resume/vita, courses I'm teaching and links that I use most often.

Note: I have moved most of my materials to my personal site: - you may want to check it out.

I am currently an Associate Professor of
Computer Information Systems at the Zicklin School of Business in Baruch College, City University of New York.

I teach a broad range of courses from database management systems to eCommerce, network IS security and Financial Information Technologies. Some of the materials used in these and other courses include the very popular Microsoft Access Tutorial and Microsoft PowerPoint for beginners. My ORACLE SQL*Plus: An Introduction and Tutorial and Oracle9i Developer Suite A Tutorial on Oracle9i Forms and Reports are quite popular.

I am also the Director of the Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor - Subotnick Financial Services Center (SFSC). You can reach me at the trading floor at: 646 - 312 - 1544

At the Wasserman Trading Floor I teach workshops on using Reuters and Bloomberg as well as run trading simulations for many organizations including Baruch's Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) program.

At the Subotnick Center I maintain a data warehouse (200 TB and growing) of equity options data (from the OPRA data feed) and other market data. Please contact me at if you are interested in acquiring or working with equity and index options data.

Baruch holds an annual Equity Markets Microstructure Seminar open to academicians in all disciplines. We have had faculty, Deans and administrators from the US and from 15 countries around the world participate over the last 9 years.

Here are some links to other areas of my home page.

* My Resume with publications.
* Research Interests and Projects I am working on.
* The List of Classes I teach with links to notes, handouts, etc.
* My extensive collection of articles and tutorials on Oracle including links to SQL*Plus and Developer Suite tutorials.
* I have written a number of IT career related blogs including So you want to work in Financial IT?, So you want to work in IT Audit? and So you want to be a DBA?.

Please send any helpful hints, comments or Suggestions to:

Richard Holowczak
Associate Professor and Director of the Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Financial Services Center
Department of Statistics/Computer Information Systems
Zicklin School of Business
Baruch College
City University of New York
1 Bernard Baruch Way Box B11-220
New York, NY 10010

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